Graphics Design with Freelancing

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Course free: BDT. 4500
Duration: 2 Months
Total Class: 32 Hours


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Problem Solving Classes

2 Dedicated Class of Freelancing by Expert

Project & Home Work

Adobe Photoshop | Module 1

• Introduction
• Getting to know and customize the Photoshop interface
• Bitmap image editing basic facts and concepts
• How to zoom and pan efficiently
• The top 10 photo preparation tasks
• Restoration and touch-up to improve images
• Selection tools techniques for selecting pixels
• Layers panel and layer manipulation
• Workflow from Bridge to Adobe Camera Raw to Photoshop
• Painting and related tools and optional settings
• An introduction to selections, channels, and quick masks
• How to set the color mode and correct pixel resolution
• Save for Web module for jpg, and PNG

Adobe Photoshop | Module 3

• Painting a color image to grayscale
• Designing with filters
• Tips for un-sharp masking
• Advanced use of the Curves dialog box
• Using the calculations command to create depth
• Combining color and grayscale images
• Creating the metal/steel look
• Pixel selection with Quick Selection and Refine Edge
• Editing hi-resolution images with limited RAM
• Painting contrast into a grayscale image
• Tips and tricks

Adobe Photoshop | Module 2

• Fine-tuning Photoshop: tools to preferences
• Color management for color gamut translation
• File formats for web, print, and digital
• Channel and masking techniques
• The Properties panel in Photoshop CC
• Advanced layer masking and blending techniques
• Advanced spot channel techniques, including duotones
• Use of the Bézier Pen in vector drawing and the Paths panel
• Working with the Adobe Camera Raw module via Bridge or Filter
• Smart Layers, Smart Objects, Smart Filters, Linked Smart Objects
• Vanishing point filter and Warp Perspective
• Auto Align and Auto Blend commands
• Generator for automation of assets

    Classes of Freelancing

  • Introduction to Outsoucing, Upwork, Freelancing
  • Vast idea in Freelancing Platforms
  • Address of International Marketplace
  • How to Start ?
  • How to Create a Profile ?
  • How to make the Deal / Bit / Quotation ?
  • Value of Corresponding
  • Payment GatewayTarget & Style of Freelancing
  • Target & Style of Freelancing

Adobe Illustrator CS6/CC

Adobe Illustrator CS6/CC  –   Level 1

o Introduction to Illustrator
o Apply Design Principles, Elements, and Graphics Composition
o Evaluate Graphics Scalability
o Navigate the User Interface
o Customize the User Interface

Creating Documents Containing Basic Shapes
o Create Documents
o Save Documents
o Draw Basic Shapes

Creating Graphics Containing Customized Text
o Insert Text
o Apply Flow Text Along a Path
o Insert Bounded and Threaded Text
o Apply Text Styles
o Insert Typographical Characters

Customizing Basic Shapes
o Apply Strokes and Brushes
o Fill Shapes
o Apply Graphics Styles
o Distort Text with Text Envelopes

Creating Documents Containing Customized Paths
o Draw Paths
o Modify Paths

Customizing Objects
o Import, Place, and Link Graphics
o Alter the Appearance of Objects

Preparing Documents for Deployment
o Update Text
o Wrap Text
o Hyphenate Text
o Optimize Content for Print
o Optimize Content for the Web
o Optimize Content for PDF Documents

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Adobe Illustrator CS6/CC  –  Level 2

Drawing Complex Illustrations
o Apply the Grid, Guides, and Info Panel
o Combine Objects to Create Complex Illustrations
o Organize Artwork with Layers
o Create a Perspective Drawing
o Trace Artwork

Enhancing Artwork Using Painting Tools
o Paint Objects Using Fills and Strokes
o Paint Objects Using Live Paint Groups
o Paint with Custom Brushes
o Add Transparency and Blending Modes
o Apply Meshes to Objects
o Apply Patterns

Customizing Colors and Swatches
o Manage Colors
o Customize Swatches
o Manage Color Groups
o Adjust Color

Enhancing the Appearance of Artwork
o Apply Effects to an Object
o Create Graphic Styles
o Apply a Mask to an Object
o Apply Symbols and Symbol Sets

Formatting Type
o Set Character Formats
o Apply Advanced Formatting Options to Type

Preparing Content for Deployment
o Prepare Artwork for Printing
o Prepare Transparency and Colors for Printing
o Create Slices and Image Maps
o Save Graphics for the Web
o Prepare Documents for Video
o Prepare Files for Other Applications

Setting Project Requirements
o Identify the Purpose, Audience, and Audience Needs
o Determine and Evaluate Standard Copyright Rules for Artwork, Graphics, and Graphics Use
o Determine and Evaluate Project Management Tasks and Responsibilities