Dec Working Committee 2019

Session: 2019-2020Declared: March03,2019Validity: March02,2020


  1. President                                :           Saikat Biswangri
  2. Vice President                       :           Lopamudra Nandy
  3. Secretary                                :           Rahi Chowdhury
  4. Treasurer                                :           Tanjia Akter
  5. Organizing Admin                   :           Mumtahina Tisha      
  6. Membership Coordinator       :           Bablu Das
  7. Press & Media Officer             :          
  8. Social Media Officer                :           Amran Ahmed Tamim
  9. Office Assistant                      :           Abedin Rafat
  10.  Communication Officer         :           Farjana Islam
  11. Secretariat Member               :           Saima Khondokar Nomi
  12. Secretariat Member               :           Akmal Hossain


  1. Head of Research & Development                 :           Jobaidul Hoque Fahim
  2. Head of Technical Workshop Team               :           Jahid Hossain Sourav
  3. Head of Business Studies Team                    :           Abidur Rahman Asif
  4. Head of Design & Branding Team                   :         Arifur Rahman Noyon
  5. Head of Social Welfare Development             :         Shafiul Azam
  6. Head of SDC Team                                           :           Dev Nath

I thank to all the core members, to own the dec and come up with courage to set an office of the club, which is now serving people of Bangladesh to develop the technical & soft skills, capacity, leadership and career.

Also, I would like to give very special thanks to Mr. Kamrul Huda (adviser of dec) for encourage us to have an office, by giving the office room in a word.


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