DEC Vision: Our sole aim is to prepare all students for contributing in the development of and removing poverty from the society by instilling in them leadership qualities and imparting technical knowledge for practical purposes

DEC Mission:
1. To complete the initial stage of technical & non-technical skills of the students.

2. To arrange skill, Social, technical & professional based workshops, seminars and events that will broaden students education and career opportunities, as well as blooming the potentiality and talents hidden inside them.

3. To help in choosing the best career option for the future.

4. To create a sense of community among students by socialization, self-awareness, and self-advocacy through a wide variety of social and career development activities.

5. To provide career-related guideline, resources, and programs to help students in clarifying academic and career goals, establishing career plans, developing job-search skills, and making successful career transitions.

6. Another important mission of our club is to amplify humanity and leadership among the students through involving them in social development works which also motivate them to take up social action initiatives and to contribute in global society.

7. Besides, to introduce them with the successful entrepreneurs of large institutions with a view to inspire them to become successful entrepreneur also lies within our mission.