Our Initiatives

Our Initiatives

Skill Development Cell

Skill Development Cell plays an important role as the Technical Wing of D Engineers’ Club. Through providing Technical Courses on MS Office, Graphics Design, Animation, Video Editing and so on, the sole aim of SDC is to build a nation consisting of technically Skilled Human Resource. 200+ students and professionals have been served under this initiative so far.

YOUTURN – HSC Failures

First time in the History of Bangladesh. A Career Guideline workshop was arranged by DEC for HSC Failed Students. Core objective of the initiative is to show them Career pathways, help them to grow Leadership and Networking skills and counsel them to be self-dependent. 150+ HSC Failed students and 31 guardians have been facilitated through the Initiative

Career Development program

Career Development Programs

For raising career awareness among the youth society D Engineers’ Club organize several programs. The sole aim of the initiative is to facilitate youths through showing Career Pathways, motivating youths to build career by being self-dependent and trained them how to build their communication skills by reach and interact with neighboring people.

CV Clinic

Ensure a smart updated CV for increasing possibilities of being short listed in their required places of Job seekers; D Engineers’ Club took a Supreme Initiative named CV Clinic. The core objective of CV Clinic is to collect, checkup, mark the mistakes and suggest the point for improvement then return that CV to the Candidates. Renowned HR, Executives and other Corporate from renowned company play the role of “Doctor” at CV Clinic.  DEC served 2100+ Students and Job Seekers around Bangladesh through this initiative.

Technical Workshops

Hands-on Technical Workshops has been organized by Technical Workshop Team’ of DEC. The core mission of the initiative is to organize practical workshops on several sectors for the knowledge capacity development of Youths. Already 1200+ students and professionals attended several workshops held under the initiative.

Be Skilled, Build Digital

Project BSBD-Be Skilled, Build Digital started the journey with the aim of developing Soft Skills and Technical Skills of Internal members. It’s an Episode based program arranged by D Engineers’ Club. Speakers’ are also from the club members. DEC facilitated 380+ attendees with several sessions under this initiative.

Leadership Intern

The core objective of the initiative is to provide a Learning and Implementation atmosphere to internal members through practical activities according to demand. After the internship period members able to be made decision, face challenges, communicate, capable to organize and so on.

Transforming Education

Award winning Youth Skill Development organization DEC introduced an initiative “Transforming Education” with current generation. The initiative will help to modify existing education system and influence 4th Industrial Revolution through upgradation of learning methods.

Social Change

Ultimate mission of the initiative is to find out and solve the social issues and to focus on community development. D Engineers’ Club provided social awareness messages through different social activities to aware people to develop living standard in the society